Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Two Die In Accident

CLEWISTON, FL. (April 24, 2005) -- Two Clewiston women died in an accident on
Flaghole Road and US27, seven miles west of Clewiston. Beverly Phillips, 38
died after failing to stop at a stop sign on Flaghole and drove into a
vehicle driven by 28 year old Frances Robertson also of Clewiston. Robertson
suffered minor injuries. A passenger in the Robertson car, Roy Blair also
sustained minor injuries.

Billie Jean Phillips, 20 of 719 Pinecone, Clewiston and a passenger in the right front seat of the Phillips' 2002 Dodge also died as a result of the accident.


  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    I enjoy your website, but please get your facts straight. The accident involving Beverly Phillips, was not "one dead". Beverly was traveling with her stepdaughter, Billie Jean Phillips, who was pregnant, and she also was killed in the accident. Billie's family at least deserves the honor of their daughter's mention.

  2. The reader is correct. We apologize for the oversight.


  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Not Only was Beverly and B.J Phillips that lost their lives...so was that precious unborn baby boy! I'm not correvting anyone...noone's perfect...I miss you!

  4. this is a thank u for who ever new these two loveable people this is bjs 2 sister n laws (tiffany) and (samantha) and mother n law (teri) i was with her right before the accident and i miss her really bad and my brother (brandon) still greaves over her and just want to say thanks we love them and will always miss them

  5. Anonymous11:16 PM

    some one need to tell the truth beverly was not driving bj was and people need to get off of beverly sayin she was driving beverly and bj were going to town and bj called me and asked me if i needed things in town she was going to drop beverly off before she went to town cause beverly was HURTIN FROM her HIP she was in pain thats why she couldnt drive so please quit saying beverly was driving CAUSE SHE WASN'T SO STOP!!!!!!!! BJ WAS A VERY VERY SPECIAL PERSON AND I MISS HER SOOOOOOOOOO MUCHH SO PLEASE GET UR FACTS STRIGHT I WAS THERE SO STOP WE HAVE ENOUGH THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!!!
    p.s her mom lied too about alot of things to protect her daughter becuse she hated beverly but she knows reall what happenend

    beverly and bj may yall R.I.P i love yall so much urs truly

  6. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I know a fact: anyone who gets around the Pattison blood, dies. Get as far away from them as you can get