Thursday, October 24, 2013

Florida Tries To Stop Marijuana Use Initiative

State Files Lengthy Argument With Court To Stop Marijuana Vote

The Florida Attorney General’s Office today petitioned the Florida Supreme Court for an advisory opinion on the validity of a proposed constitutional amendment regarding medical marijuana. 

The Attorney General Pam Bondi argues that Florida law requires "proposals be presented fairly and accurately. The petition filed by the Attorney General’s Office outlines concerns that the medical marijuana proposal does not meet this legal standard."

Bondi says the ballot title and summary by John Morgan, chairman of the People United For Medical Marijuana misleads voters on the scope of the proposed Florida constitutional amendment. Bondi says the language of the document would allow physicians to prescribe marijuana, not only for debilitating diseases but also for any health condition that the doctor felt the use for would outweigh the potential health risks of using marijuana. 

Bondi also argues that the petition leads voters to believe that using marijuana does not conflict with Federal law, because it does not bring up the topic at all.

To view the petition follow this link:$file/Petition.pdf

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  1. The Prohibitionist continue their ungodly and unconstitutional violation of its citizens natural rights. When there are thousands of people that could benefit for a safe and effective medicine with thousands of years of safe and effective use that can be had for pennies a pound, John Morgan could not even get a meeting in Tallahassee and what did our elected politico's do but ban Bongs just show how out of touch and bought and paid for by the prohibition Industry.