Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Spaghetti/Meatball Dinners Continue Second Fridays

PORT LABELLE, FL. -- Eat in or take home for family supper Mary's famous meatballs with Barb's sauce, fresh salad, Ice Tea, desert on Friday, November 9, 2018, Serving 5 PM till 7 PM or until sold out.

The Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Spaghetti and Meatball dinners have received so much praise the church members are continuing once a month on the Second Friday each month November thru April.

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, 1098 Collingswood Pkwy just south of SR 80 in Port LaBelle. Call 863-675-4311 for tickets, $10.00 each.

Glades Supplies Hurricane Victims With Tarps And More


MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- It has been over a year since Hurricane Irma hit SW Florida including rural Glades County. Rural counties have less employees and equipment, but always pull together and do what is necessary often leaving their own homes for their families to take care of their community.  

During Irma, Glades County experienced rural county employees and other agencies pulling together to help Glades County citizens, and doing what was needed to get the job done.  

Hurricane Michael has hit our rural North Florida communities very hard, and this time it is our fellow colleagues in the rural North Florida agriculture dependent areas that need help.  

South Florida UF/IFAS County Extension Offices were asked to help in the effort.  Glades County Extension 4-H Agent Tycee Prevatt contacted Angie Colegrove, Glades County Emergency Management Director, & Bob Jones, Glades County Public Safety Director, to see what we could do for our North Florida friends.  

Photo left to right:  Clay Sapp, Bob Jones, David Springman, Angie Colegrove, Tycee Prevatt & Bobby Sarazen

The three worked together on the supply list that could be shipped, Bob worked with Chief Deputy Duanne Pottorff & Detective Mike Pepitone for transportation of the supplies and an officer for transporting the goods, and Tycee worked on the logistics for the shipment of the supplies.  

Detective David Springman will be transporting the tarps, hand sanitizer & bug spray to a neighboring UF/IFAS Extension Office who will be taking the supplies the last leg of their journey, to be distributed to our fellow Floridians in North Florida who are working day in and day out to help others in their rural communities.

Sumitted by: Tycee Prevatt & Angie Colegrove

Low Income Floridians Pay 5X More In Taxes

LAKE MARY, FL - A new study released today by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy and Florida Policy Institute finds that the lowest-income Floridians — those earning less than $18,700 — pay five and a half times as much in taxes as a share of their household income than the state’s wealthiest residents, or those earning upwards of $548,700.
The study, Who Pays? A Distributional Analysis of the Tax Systems in All 50 States, evaluates all major state and local taxes, including personal and corporate income taxes, property taxes and sales and other excise taxes.
ITEP points out that states like Florida with “low tax” reputations are, in fact, high tax states for low-income residents. Florida ranks 48th in the nation for state and local tax fairness, according to the analysis. The state has multiple regressive tax code features, including lack of a personal income tax — which helps to mitigate inequality — and a comparatively high reliance on sales taxes. 

Florida derives more than half of its tax revenue from sales and excise taxes, according to ITEP, which far exceeds the national average of 35 percent. These taxes cost the most for lower-income families, as these households spend a greater share of their incomes on purchasing the items and goods they need. As incomes increase, the share spent on everyday expenses decreases.
Florida’s upside-down tax system would be made worse, according to FPI, under Amendment 5. The measure would require a two-thirds vote of the state Legislature to raise state revenue, taxes and fees or eliminate tax breaks and loopholes, which would lock in current inequities.

Florida already ranks 50th for investments in public services.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Help For Hurricane Victims From Glades County

Glades County & JJ Taylor Distributing Helping Their Fellow Floridians

Glades County Public Safety in coordination with JJ Taylor Distributing out of Ft. Myers sent tarps, cases of hand sanitizer and bug spray to Panama City for Hurricane Michael survivors.   The Glades County Road Department helped Bobby Edwards of JJ Taylor Distributing load a tractor trailer full of tarps and the other supplies were loaded by the Glades County Fire Department & EMS October 15, 2018.    Mike Mitchem with JJ Taylor Distributing will be delivering the supplies to Panama City October 16, 2018.  Both Glades County and JJ Taylor were glad to be able to help our neighbors in the Panhandle.

      Jack Bayless & Jimmy Summeralls                      Bobby Edwards, Bobby Sarazen, James Williams


Efrian Herra, Clay Sapp & Bobby Sarazen                                         Bobby Edwards, JJ Taylor

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