Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hendry County Land For ATVs?

LABELLE, FL. -- A remote section of land over one square mile in surface
area may become a site for all terrain vehicle use. Collier county is
looking at a site in southwestern Hendry county to use for ATV aficianados
after most all trails have been closed in the Collier county area, including
the Big Cypress, Picayune Strand, and Everglades parks. ATV users must now
travel to north Florida to legally use their vehicles.

The land being considered by Collier county officials is owned by Lee County
and was purchased in the 1990s for possible use as a land fill site. Lee
county says they have no current plans for the vacant land at this time. The
land is west of Felda near Church Road and if used, an access point would
most likely be made from SR29.

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