Thursday, June 09, 2005

Is There A Sexual Offender In Your Neighborhood?

LABELLE, FL. -- The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is charged with
keeping track of released from prison sexual offenders and predators, and
surprisingly, in Hendry county there are more than you might think. The
department, by law must publicize the residences of those released from
prison on sex charges. In Hendry county there are 14 listed by the FDLE as
living in the LaBelle and Clewiston areas. In LaBelle there are 10
offenders, while in Clewiston there are four. In nearby Belle Glade in Palm
Beach county there are six listed, three of whom are classified as sexual
predators. On the other side of the county, Alva in Lee county has 3
offenders listed. There are none listed in Moore Haven or Felda.

To see a map of where they live according to the FDLE, click on the links
below. When the map appears you can also click on the map to see photos and
more information about each offender or predator.


Clewiston area

Glade area


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