Tuesday, January 17, 2006

FPL Promises To Make Port LaBelle Repairs

LABELLE, FL. (Jan. 17, 2006) -- After months and in some cases, years of
consumer complaints about poor maintenance of Florida Power and Light lines
and equipment in the Port LaBelle area, Hugh Hackney, engineer in charge,
visited Port LaBelle this week and said crews have discovered faulty
equipment in a transformer cabinet on Birchwood Parkway that he say was
causing abnormal amounts of electrical outages in the area.

Hackney said the $25,000 plus repair should be commenced Monday January 23 and
that power in the area may be out for about six hours that day as the equipment is
changed, and power lines are disconnected during the repairs. FPL will
notify affected customers by phone when the power is expected to be out.

LaBelle area FPL customers have encountered abnormal amounts of electrical
outages which FPL customer service representatives blamed on everything
from birds on the lines to squirrels in the equipment, but not resolving
the problems of eight to twenty electrical outages per month in the entire
western Hendry county area. In recent weeks consumers have filed complaints
to FPL and the Public Service Commission.

See Complaints to FPL and the Public Service Commission if you have complaints about FPL's
service and how you may take your complaint to the Florida Public Service
Commission if FPL does not resolve your problem in a timely way.

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