Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cattleman Cited For Loose Cow

Cow Wandered Along SR 80 For Hours

PORT LABELLE, FLORIDA (April 24, 2006) -- Hendry County's agricultural
deputy cited Colmer Taylor as a result of a cow that wandered off its
pasture in Glades county Monday evening and disrupted traffic on SR80 for
several hours. Taylor leases what used to be the Port LaBelle golf course's
back nine holes for grazing cattle. The cattle are eventually shipped out of
the area to feed lots where they are fattened for eventual slaughter. The 87
acres are in Glades county on the north side of State Road 80 a mile east of
Birchwood Parkway.

At least four deputies were busy at the scene for hours in order to prevent
traffic from hitting the cow that crossed the main highway a dozen times.
Shortly after dark an agricultural deputy was able to get the cow back in
the pasture and repair the fence where the cow wandered through. Neighbors
on Springview Circle in Port Labelle's Laurel Oaks subdivision say there has
been a continuing problem with the vinyl fencing the property owner erected,
which is falling down making an easy route for cows to pass over. The cows
are pastured at the former golf course to allow an agricultural tax
exemption for the current property owner, saving significant dollars pending
a sale of the land for an eventual up scale housing development.

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