Friday, June 23, 2006

Real Estate Scam In Hendry County

Miami Duo Allegedly Filed False Deeds To Real Property

LABELLE, FLORIDA (June 22, 2006) -- Grand Theft Warrants for Land Scam Fraud have been issued for the arrest of Yelitza Martinez and Nelson Pena both of Miami, Florida. According to Sheriff Ronnie Lee, the Land Scam Criminals have been picking vacant property, by researching the owners names, and then presenting fraudulent Quit Claim Deeds placing the property in their names or an alias. After the fraudulent deed filings in at the Hendry courthouse, the properties were quickly and illegally sold to unknowing individuals.

According to Sheriff Lee's office,  the criminals have defrauded individuals of approximately $190,000. Another $40,000.00 loss was prevented when the Hendry County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division was able to have the funds frozen before the transaction could be completed. This in an ongoing investigation and anyone with information regarding Martinez and Pena are asked to contact Investigator Marci Martinez of the Hendry County Sheriff's Office  at 863-983-1440.

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  1. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Everyone here knows that the local "mafia" Colombian lady has been scaming land here for years preying on migrants, morons and Marijuana Growers (which are sometimes the same people). She just keeps getting away with it. Even the other Mafia crooks have said that she sells land that is not hers. The FBI should bust HER ass and melt the key to her HELL CELL! -OH,OH and dont forget her son too!