Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pet Food Recall Confuses Many

LABELLE, FL. --  A major recall of pet foods has many confused, as nearly one hundred manufactures scramble to take pet food items off the shelves nationwide.  Fifty-one dog food brands and forty-two cat foods are being recalled by the Canadian firm called Menu Foods Income Fund. The products being recalled are "wet" foods ­ those that include soft food and gravy in cans and pouches.

Although officials are not exactly sure why the foods are killing pets and causing kidney failures in cats and dogs, they suspect it may be from contaminated wheat gluten used as a filler in the pet foods.  The recall includes product names from the most expensive to store brands, all who get their products from Menu Foods Income Fund.

Veterinarians say canned food, although more expensive than dry food, has no real advantage for pets. People do fall for the advertising however, and like canned food because it looks more like human food.  Vets actually recommend dry food for pets because the crunching and chewing strengthens and cleans pets' teeth.

For specific information about your pet's food brand see the Recall Web Site  or call 1-866-895-2708. Be warned that the website is fairly confusing and leads most users in circles and through many steps, referring them to the brand names' websites.

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