Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hendry Sheriff Whidden Speaking To Students

Hendry Sheriff's Office To Meet Edison Students

LABELLE, FL. -- The Mass Communications Class at Edison State College, LaBelle, Florida presents for the first time: a ''Sheriff's
Forum'' Friday October 16th at 3 p.m.  Axl Jones, Facilitator and panel members Tiffany Santiago, Keyniza Browne, Nancy Burnette,and Devon Bowman have researched questions to ask Sheriff Whidden and Lt. Susan Harrelle, Public Information Officer about crime concerns in Hendry County. 

Edison State College Students are also invited to participate in the event.  Nancy Burnette is the official hostess and will greet the news media at the front of the college. The social committee includes Tiffany Santiago, Marco Escalante, Mariner Perez, Darrell Cash, Keyinza Browne, Devon Bowman and T J Timms.
The Mass Communication course is an elective course that addresses, through research and application projects in public relations, internet innovations in communication, broadcast television /radio news, advertising, newspaper production, first amendment rights/laws, global communication and the impact of the ''Age of Information."

The Sheriff�s Forum is the second exploration hosted by Mass Communications students at the LaBelle campus, into various forms of the media.  The first event was a news forum with Patty Brant, Editor of the Caloosa Belle.  Reporter, Anahi Guerra, media relations, submitted a report and pictures for publication in the newspaper.  
Following the Forum, students will meet "upfront and personal" with Sheriff  Whidden and Lt. Harrelle at the Mass Communications class social. 


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    This ought to be a high point in their communications career paths.

    Students pay attention to how Whidden answers his questions and how in depth and detail he goes.

    Harrelle will be there for moral support and to run resistance.

    When you get the feeling you know more than them when questioning them, do yourself a favor and run with it because you probably do.

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    What is the problem Anonymous, is whidden a threat to your dope operation?

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Am I missing something here?? What's wrong with our Sheriff speaking to our students? I applaud his efforts to reach these young people and do whatever he can to encourage their academic pursuits.Demeaning Sheriff Whidden is inappropriate and capricious.I did not vote for him, but he is doing a fine job for ALL of us deserves our respect and thanks.

  4. Anonymous3:46 PM

    What you are missing is that Hendry county has a residual Drug trafficking and manufacturing legacy. Many prominant individuals have made a few coins in the past and resent anyone that might bring them or their payola down. Whidden has worked with the Feds and other individuals and is a likely threat to the Hendry drug dealers and other fine community organizers. I am sure that he has "leaches" attached to him to mitigate this threat and suck information out.

  5. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Obviously I am a recent arrival....Just moved here 5 yrs ago.Wasn't aware of the problem. Now, more than before, I support our Sheriff and his efforts.
    Thanks .

  6. Anonymous5:03 PM

    I recently met Sheriff Whidden, he is a hard working and straight foward guy. I lived in Broward County and Miami Dade and you don't see that type of thing from the top cop, you rarely hear from them. I support the sheriff, he is doing a great job.