Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hendry-Glades Gas - Highest Priced

Are Hendry And Glades Motorists Getting Ripped Off For 20 Cents A Gallon?

LABELLE, FL. -- Anyone buying gas in Hendry and Glades county may not be aware that they are paying as much as 22 cents per gallon more than motorists in nearby Lee county.

In recent weeks the gap seems to have become larger between what gasoline prices in Ft. Myers and prices in LaBelle, Clewiston, and Moore Haven.

One of the closest places this week to fill-up and save 22 cent per gallon are the gas stations on Palm Beach Boulevard starting at Riverdale (Buckingham Road) all the way to I-75.

Fuel sellers often blame high county mandated taxes on the higher gas prices in Hendry and Glades, but both counties actually collect less county fuel tax than all the neighboring counties. Hendry county currently levies nine cent per gallon of fuel raising an estimated  $1,805,188 in fuel taxes this year. Glades county levies seven cents per gallon raising about $392,967. All neighboring counties are taxing the maximum 12 cent per gallon, including Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and Palm Beach county.

There are several stations in the Palm Beach Boulevard area selling at $2.67 a gallon and one at $2.65. That compared to the lowest price in LaBelle at $2.87, at both the Shell and BP stations.

Both BP and Shell in LaBelle are going through their share of problems lately.

BP is under fire for possible boycotting by consumers as the oil spill continues in the Gulf of Mexico, although the local station is a franchise operated by Merit Oil with a franchise contract with BP. For several months now, the Shell station has experienced a slowdown in business, as it inconvenienced customers when the pump credit card readers don't work, Motorists must go inside the store to give the card, go out and pump the gas, and then return again to pay.

Here's where you can check to save money on fuel purchases:

Area's Lowest Fuel Prices:

Ft. Myers - $2.65
Alva- $2.79
Moore Haven - $2.82
Clewiston - $2.82
LaBelle - $2.87

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  1. Fort Myers Tuesday June 8, SR80 $2.63 LaBelle @2.85