Monday, February 10, 2014

Teacher Arrested On Sexting Charges With 15-Year Old Student

Teacher Facebook Sexting Over Three Days Leads To Arrest

OKEECHOBEE, FL. -- An Okeechobee county school teacher was arrested on February 6 on three charges of using a computer to solicit and lure children, and three count of transmitting information harmful to children.

47-year old Brad Guyton Mims of 811 SE 9TH Stree in Okeechobee has also been charged with possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia after allegations of Facebook texting of a sexual nature to a student's cell phone over a three day period.

Detective Rosemary Farless says on February 5 school resource officer Deputy Sheriff Murrish said a 15 year old 9th grader female reported she was feeling uncomfortable around Mims, a school guidance counselor at Okeechobee Freshman's Campus.

She informed D/S Murrish she was getting "looks from Guidance Counselor Brad Mims that were making her feel very uncomfortable" according to the arrest report.

Mims would "look her up and down, directly in her eyes then down to her breasts." He also allegedly sent an unsolicited text message to the student on her cell phone on February 4.

Detective Farless got permission from the girl's father to use her cell phone and communicate with Mims through her Facebook page.

According to the arrest affidavit the content of the Facebook messaging was as follows:

(M: Brad Mime 
R: Detective Rosemary Farless Posing as the 15 year old female )

M-Smiley face sticking out its tongue
R-Smiley face with open mouth sticking out tongue
M-Kissy face
M-Not much. and u? ?
R-sittín on the porch
M-I see.Alone I hope. .lol
R-yeah dads grocery shopping
M-I see..Not that we are doing anything wrong just rather it b between us. .i can
trust u right. .
R-Yep I told u that
M-I  Hope So. .I do trust u.U understand though. .lol
R-Yep I do
M-Good.And always erase when we are done.. :) .
R-I always do. My phone has a password to
M-Good.  hope u don't think I am a
R-Y wld I think that an nope
M-I don't know.Just u probàbly were surprised last
R-Ve-ry. Shocked
M-But a good thing I hope lol
R-I think so an u?
M-Yeah I
R-U erase urs so ur girlfriend wont see
M-I will.U just bettèr u could get me in
R- U Could gèt me in tròùble w my dad. I wont get u in trouble
M-I hope not. .I am trusting u. .So does ur dad look at ur phone
R-No its got a password. But ill delete_it to b sure
M- U promise and tell no one.Please. .And I will always let u message me so I know ur alone
R-Promise an deal
M-Good.So we have it set; then.Soooo
M-So u always say hi.I think u like
R-Hahaha yep I think u like me to
M-IS that
R-Not to me
M-Not weird. lol.
R- not that either
M-Dang girl.Ur
R-Wen I want to b lol
M-Lol . . hmmm. lol
R-See it took to long to answer me my dad is pullin in gotta go. Txt later
M-OK erase

On another later time the detective contacted Mims and the chat turned to that of a sexual nature and Mims instructed her to go to a Facebook page in the name of Dave Render.

The detective said during the conversation in which Mims thought he was texting the 15-year old girl, Mims asked approximately 15 times for me to show breasts.

Mims told her his penis size was 10" and he sent to the cell phone two pictures of two different penises. He mentioned over and over about "this messing up his life and ruining him if she told anyone."

A search by detectives of Mim's residence found evidence including cocaine totaling 5 grams, 17 crack pipes, 14 lighters, 4 razors, his computer tower, 10 pictures of unidentified young girls, 4 dildos, a bong, Char boy used as a filter to smoke crack cocaine, camcorder, SD card and anal lubes.

During an interview with Mims, the affidavit said an alleged 2nd victim was alleged to have received the same photos from Mims and a photo was was received by him of the 2nd victim's naked breast. The investigation into the 2nd victim is continuing.

During the search of his residence three pistols were collected and they were turned over to Mim's father.

Update February 11, 2014: Mims had been released on $135,500 bond on the original charges.

On February 10,  has was newly charged with lewd computer solicitation of a child, 2 counts of transmission of material harmful to minor by electronic equipment, and two counts of use of child in sexual performance.

The Sheriff's office said after further investigation, a second victim was confirmed and a warrant was issued for the above offenses. Mims was arrested on February 10, 2014, by the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office for those offenses.

Mims will be transported to the Okeechobee County Jail. He will be held in custody on $350,000 bond.


  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Brad Mimms is 47 not 57 correct

  2. Anonymous3:06 PM

    who cares what age he is he's still a pig

  3. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I heard Coach Fuller who also works at the freshman campus was implicated in this mess... is this true?

  4. Anonymous9:26 AM

    funny I heard the same thing ,,,my son told me just this morning. I hated Brad Mims, he treated my son like crap and always told him he would never pass the 9th grade and when he did with flying colors Mr. Mims never even praised him for all the hard work and the struggle to pass. I always knew something was weird about him and even said something to the dean about it. I hope he rots in jail

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I agree.... both of these guy's are rude, arrogant ,self-sentered, egotistical S.O.B's . What comes around goes around......... I have had one of my children already pass thru the 9th grade center. Not a good experience for her. And i do not look forward to my other child going there next year. Im not critisizing all the current faculty. But the Shoolboard really needs to look at some of these teachers.

  6. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Just because you have been in the school system for MANY years , does not make you a good person that will be around children EVERYday.

  7. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Yep! Somebody better be looking into P.E Coach Fuller........

  8. Fuller didnt do anthing. im a student at OFC and i knew Mr. Mims. Or thought i did until this happened. He put on a good front. I never would of guess. Mims brought Coach into it because he didnt wanna go down alone but there was investigations and coach was cleared from the case.

  9. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Hey i heard Coach Fuller was talking to a 9th grade student. (girl) is this true?