Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jane Velez-Mitchell Alarmed Over Monkey Import Scheme

Hendry County "The Capital Of Captive Monkeys For Animal Experimentation?"

Jane Velez-Mitchell, cable news host is sounding an alarm over the importation of thousands of monkeys to Hendry County, Florida.

Velez-Mitchell reports, "Animal Defenders International claim there’s a business in Mauritius, a small island off the coast of Africa, that’s working on plans to supply wild monkeys to a proposed breeding facility in Hendry County, Florida.

"While this proposed facility has yet to be confirmed, critics are worried about potential health risks a facility like that could pose for people living in the United States if it were to become a reality."

In recent months discussion has arisen among Hendry county officials and departments about zoning a parcel of land in western Hendry, near the Lee county border to house a large number of research monkeys.

Southwest Florida has numerous "captive wildlife" facilities, including Primate Products, Inc. near the Hendry/Collier county line,north of Immokalee. Primate Products sells "non-human restraint systems" for experiments on animals and reportedly has an unknown amount primates housed at it's facility in south Hendry county. The company sells the monkeys to experimental labs and universities around the country.

From Primate Products catalog, "The Primate Products' restrainer was designed for animal comfort and easily adjusts to accommodate nonhuman primates of different sizes. The standard restrainer is essentially an aluminum frame that provides minimum restraint and maintains easy animal accessibility for investigators.

"The open-air design keeps the primate cool and comfortable while being in the restrainer for long periods of time. Roller bars on the perch assembly are intended to move with the animal when it makes normal movements, thus helping prevent sores on the animals’ hind limbs.

"Optional accessories are often added or removed, as needed, to prevent the primate from feeling excessively confined while perching in the restrainer, or to customize the chair to the primates particular needs."

It's associated company, Panther Tracts LLC owns 640 acres, in turn owned by Pacific Venture Investments, Inc., has one square mile of land valued at about $2.5 million for raising primates in south Hendry county. The property includes a half million dollar building for offices and the monkey population. 

Click for a Google Map of the 28 Primate Products buildings housing thousands of monkeys in South Hendry County, Fl.

Click for a map of Collier, Lee and Hendry captive wildlife facility locations.

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