Sunday, June 04, 2017

Letter To City Commissioners - Cliffford Avery

Dear LaBelle City Commission:
It has been brought to my attention through a front page article in the Caloosa  Belle and a number of our local community members that our commission has voted  3/2 to approve selling alcoholic drinks in Barron Park. I am asking you to reconsider this decision.  I have come love LaBelle in the 40 plus years I have been allowed too served here. And know you deeply care and serve LaBelle too! We are small, by other cities standards, but this community is different in the fact that we care and help each other. Detrimental things  happen when alcohol is added to events. 

A.A. Saint Matthews House, Teen Challenge, Mothers Against Drunk Divers and many other  rehabilitation centers exist because there is real danger.  As a community we do not want to show our weakness but, honestly alcohol costs our community too much in deaths and injuries. All we need to do is visit our cemetery to see the toll on our youth and families. 

I am a tax payer. Other ministers live in tax exempt church owned housing. I do not.  My home is in the city.  I am  deeply concerned about the health of this community as I know you are.

Some years ago I was heading out to a commission meeting. I was complaining to one of the commissions about “having to attend.”  They said “You don’t have to be here that’s why you elected me to represent you.”  I believe this is still true.  Please, reconsider this vote to preserve the long-standing heritage of an alcohol free Park. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. 

Your fellow community servant 

Clifford D. Avery, pastor

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