Monday, April 30, 2018

Glades County Fire Updates

Palmdale, FL –  Over the weekend, County and State Firefighters suppressed three large wildfires in western Glades County. Hurricane Irma toppled over many large pine trees in Glades County increasing the size, complexity and intensity of all of these wildfires due to widespread destruction of vegetation.  

“The extra vegetation on the forest floor adds more fuel for the wildfires,” explained Forest Area Supervisor Joe deBree. “In addition, the downed hurricane vegetation can pose a hazard to firefighters, the equipment can get wedged on snapped trunks and limbs. Fortunately, no homes were threatened on any of these wildfire, so firefighters had the time to assess each wildfire thoroughly and contemplated strategies to safely combat the abundance of dried out hurricane debris.” 

Lightning has been eliminated as a caused to all three of these wildfires. If the public has any information on the origin of these wildfire, please contact your local Florida Forest Service at (863) 467-3221.

In Muse Community 50-acre Beehive Wildfire
Sunday’s Beehive Wildfire was located west of the Saturday’s Gallberry Wildfire. With westerly prevailing winds, the Beehive Wildfire merged into the Gallberry Wildfire.

County:      Glades – west of Kirby Thompson Road, South of Loblolly Bay Road
Reported:   04/29/2018 16:37   
Contained   04/29/2018 19:57
Fire Cause:  Under investigation  
Evacuations/Road Closures/Threats/Injuries:  None

Northwest of LaBelle – 94-acre Gallberry Wildfire
County:          Glades – South of Loblolly Bay Road and West of Kirby Thompson Road
Reported:       04/28/2018 14:56
Contained:     100% at 04/28/2018 16:19
Fire Cause:     Under Investigation
Evacuations/Road Closures/Threats/Injuries:  None

Ortona – 200-acre Ortona Eucalyptus Wildfire
County:          Glades  -West of US 27 and Wayman Road
Reported:      04/28/2018 16:38
Contained:    100% at 04/28/2018 19:35
Fire Cause:     Under Investigation
Evacuations/Road Closures/Threats/Injuries:  None

Agencies on Scene:
Glades County Fire Department and Florida Forest Service

If you live near nature then you can be at risk for wildfire danger.  Take the time to remove anything that will burn from your roof and gutters.  That includes pine needles, leaves, small twigs, and palm fronds.  Be sure there is nothing flammable against the sides of your home.  Be sure to use plants that are not highly flammable around your home.  Keep the area within 30 feet of your home picked up, mowed, and watered within the guidelines of local water management.

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