Friday, July 05, 2019

Teen Arrested In Port LaBelle Murder Of David Zavala

PORT LABELLE, FL. -- Nicholas R. Guerrero, 16 (photo left) has been arrested in the murder of 19 year old David Zavala.

On July 3, 2019, at approximately 4:30 pm, Hendry County Sheriff's Office received a call reporting a shooting that had just occurred in the Port LaBelle Country Village subdivision.

Deputies responded to 1 Commodore Place in LaBelle where upon their arrival they discovered 19 year old David Zavala unresponsive in the back seat of a truck at the Country Village office parking lot area.

Hendry County Investigators along with Deputies then responded to 5030 Hummingbird Dr., a rental home in southern Port LaBelle at approximately 5:30 pm, where they came in contact with 16 year old Nicholas R. Guerrero, who was suspected as being the person who shot Zavala.

Investigators also spoke with two other persons of interest, but were later released to their parents/guardians. At this time it is believed that the motive for the murder is drug related.

After interviewing Guerrero, he was placed under arrest on charges of First Degree Murder. He was then transported to Department of Juvenile Justice where he remains at this time.

Guerrero, according to the arrest report, is four feel tall, weighing 75 pounds, and was arrested at 1:10 a.m. July 4th. He has a prior arrest history.

Hendry County Investigators are still following up on all leads. If you have any information regarding this homicide please contact Hendry County Sheriff's Office at 863-674-5600 or you may call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS (8477) where you may be eligible for a cash reward.


  1. This is so horrible.what is a 16 year old doing with a gun wear is this kids parents at my God people
    Come on

    1. Anonymous8:16 PM

      I personally know him and let me tell you he’s an asshole just like his mother she don’t even care what he does

    2. Anonymous4:56 PM

      heard most of the family in jail or prison.

  2. That is a horrible thing that these parnents just let these children do anything they want .Help these children give them something to do besides killing what happened to all the help for these children.

  3. Anonymous4:55 PM

    they don't want the help. and their parents are sitting in jail

  4. I knew the victim and he was a good boy had his whole life in front of him I feel for his father and I agree put something in this town for the kids to do besides kill each other doing all this and for what so they can sit behind bars the rest of there life's LaBelle needs to stand up now is the time before another inacent kid gets killed or people start leaving

    1. Anonymous11:33 PM

      Seems like only when it's almost election time does Whidden gets fired up to make some arrests of the out of control drug dealing in Labelle.

  5. Anonymous9:40 PM

    He pulled a gun on me before too.