Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Donations For Hardee County

The Hendry County Sheriffs Office is accepting non-perishable items for
hurricane victims of Hardee County.

Sheriff Worley and members of the Hendry County Sheriffs Office began
Sunday morning, August 15, 2004, accepting donations from those wanting to
help victims, after receiving a call for assistance earlier in the morning.
By Sunday afternoon, semi-tractor trailers donated by Martinez Trucking,
Chance Trucking, and Sun Quest Sheds, left Labelle for Hardee County.

Two of the semi trucks were taken to Wauchula, one to Zolfo Springs, and
the other to Bowling Green. The items donated were unloaded at a
designated EOC distribution center and given to the victims.

Monday the Sheriffs Office was still accepting donations and left Monday
afternoon with two additional trucks. When arriving at the inland areas,
the drivers were sent to an area where the items were distributed to the
victims, as they were unloaded from the trailers. Deputies, who were at
the scene, have reported that all of the supplies taken earlier are gone.

There are approximately 9,000 residents in Hardee County, many who have
been left with nothing; they are in need of non-perishable food, baby
supplies, hygiene, camping stoves and additional items such as this. The
Hendry County Sheriffs Office is accepting donations and has established an
account for the relief efforts. You may send checks made out to the Hendry
County Sheriffs Office, adding in the memo portion of the check Hurricane
Relief Fund.

If people want to help but aren't certain how to, making a donation to the
hurricane victims is a wonderful place to start. If there are places that
are saying they cannot accept any donations, we can, we have someplace to
put it and have trucks and drivers on standby to help.
The drop off point for these items is the Hendry County Sheriffs Office in
both LaBelle, and Clewiston.

Volunteers are available from 8:00am to 6:00pm, if you are unable to drop
off your donated items between these hours, they may be left at the
Sheriffs Office and organizers will be notified.

Your donations are not being sent to a distribution center, instead these
donations are being placed in an Semi-tractor trailer, as soon as the
trailer is full it departs for Hardee County and is distributed to the
victims there.

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