Friday, August 13, 2004

Emergency Management Has No Stand-by Power!

LABELLE, FL. -- At 5:30 p.m. Thursday, the power went out in downtown
LaBelle and parts of Glades county due to a power tranformer on Bridge
Street. Unfortunately, the Emergency Operations Center at the Hendry
Sheriff's office also lost power. And unfortunately as well, the emergency
generator at the Sheriff's office apparently doesn't power up the Emergency
Center. Some emergency volunteers had to go outside to operate their battery
operated radios.
At the same time, power went off at the Special Needs Emergency Shelter at
the VFW hall on SR29. The staff manning the shelter were unable to get the
generator to power the building for about 45 minutes.
In Muse, at the Emergency Shelter for Glades county, the power went out as
well for the 76 people there, and the staff could not get the emergency
generator running. The biggest problem might have been the task of getting
to the bathroom at the Muse Community Center in the dark.

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  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I live in Maryland and I hope everyone got through the storm well. Currently, my daughter is staying at South Florida United Methodist Camp in Alva (she was on a working vacation at ECHO in North Ft. Myers). Could you tell me how that area faired the storm. As I see on a map that they are very near Caloosahatchee River off Hwy 78. I cannot contact them! You can send me an email at

    Concerned Parents of Angie