Friday, October 01, 2004

Hendry County Employee Arrested

LABELLE, FL. -- On September 30, 2004 Narcotic Investigators of the Hendry
County Sheriffs Office arrested 50 year old, Jose Serrano for Possession of
Zanex without a prescription (illegal purchase). Investigators were able
to obtain information that a Hendry County Social Services worker was
making illegal purchases of Zanex, a controlled substance obtained legally
only by prescription.

A confidential source made telephone contact with Serrano and offered to
make a sale of Zanex to him. Serrano agreed and requested that the
informant meet with him at his office located in the Hendry County
Courthouse. Upon the arrival of the informant he and Serrano left the
office and went into the hall where the transaction took place. In
exchange for the 20 Zanex pills, Serrano gave the informant $3.00 stating
that he would pay the informant the remaining balance the next day with WIC
After witnessing the sale, Narcotic Investigators placed Serrano under
arrest charging him with Possession of Zanex without a prescription,
(illegal purchase). At this time he is currently being held in the Hendry
County Jail on $5,000 bond.

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