Monday, October 11, 2004

Hendry Schools Could Receive $1M From Gambling

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry County could receive an additional $1 million in
supplemental education funding as a result of Amendment 4, according to an
official estimate by the Florida School Boards Association. Amendment 4, a
statewide initiative on the Nov. 2nd ballot, would authorize
Miami-Dade and Broward counties to hold separate elections on whether to
allow slot machines at seven existing parimutuel facilities in South
Florida. If slot machines are subsequently approved by local voters, the
revenue generated from this taxed, regulated and licensed gaming could
provide at least $438 million in its first year to public education spending

The Florida School Boards Association estimates Hendry County could receive
$1,251,545 in the first year alone. The FSBA used the FEFP (Florida's
Education Finance Plan) to estimate the
lowest amount each school district would receive if voters in Miami-Dade and
Broward Counties approve Amendment 4.

"Amendment 4 can make a significant difference for our kids," said Wayne
Blanton, Executive Director of the Florida School Boards Association. "The
money each county could receive would go a long way to improve the quality
of education for all Florida's students."

"Good schools cost money and passing Amendment 4 is a great first step
towards generating the funds our schools desperately need," said Jim Horne,
Florida's former Education Commissioner. "This money can help give children
in Hendry County the tools they need to compete in the global market. The
new revenues from Amendment 4 could provide students with their own laptop
computers, enhance teacher salaries, or fund new science labs."

The projected distribution for each of Florida's 67 counties and a full text
of the Florida School Boards study are available for viewing at the YES for
Local Control Campaign's website at

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