Sunday, September 25, 2005

Glades Hospital CEO Quits

More Troubles For Financially Strapped Rural Hospital

BELLE GLADE, FL. -- Daniel Aranda, chief exective officer of the Glades
General Hospital has resigned his post just as he left for a planned
vacation. Reportedly not happy with his role at the 73-bed facility
originally built in 1940, he gave a 30-day notice to the board. The board
has left unclear whether it will authorize a new multi-million dollar
facility, which may have contributed to Aranda's decision nothwithstanding
his $180,000 salary. This is his sixth hospital job since 1997.
Like many rural hospitals in poorer regions, Glades is a money loser for
Palm Beach County mainly because of the large number of uninsured
povery-line patients it treats. Insured patients tend to travel to the
coast for treatment, perceiving better facilities outside of rural Belle

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