Friday, September 02, 2005

Sheriff Collecting For Refugees

LABELLE, FL. -- In a press release today Hendry County Sheriff Ronnie Lee
says he along with other Florida Sheriff's are spearheading collection and
delivery of supplies to the areas of the Gulf Coast that were ravaged by
hurricane Katrina. Collection containers are being placed at Hendry County
Supermarkets in
Clewiston and LaBelle as well as the Sheriff's Offices in Clewiston and

According to reports from Law Enforcement Agencies in the
stricken areas they are in special need of the following items: Bottled
Water Mosquito Repellent Baby Food Disposable Diapers Tooth Paste Tooth
Brushes Canned Food Canned Fruit Sheriff Lee also reported that
employees of the Hendry County Sheriff's Office have started a cash fund
to assist Law Enforcement Officers and their families in Canton,
Mississippi that were left virtually with just the clothes they were
wearing. Persons wanting to make a cash contribution can do so at the
Sheriff's Offices in Clewiston or LaBelle.

(While the Sheriff's intentions are honorable, we recommend cash only
contributions and giving only to national charities including the Red Cross
instead of gifts to local efforts which tend to be very inefficient and the
distribution to the appropriate storm victims in a timely manner
questionable. - Editor)

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