Saturday, February 11, 2006

Florida Power And Light Fixes LaBelle Problems?

LABELLE, FL. -- Residents in the Port LaBelle area sighed relief after Florida Power and Light admitted they had faulty equipment providing electricity to the rural area east of the city of LaBelle, replacing a large electrical switching unit on Birchwood Parkway near the Laurel Oaks subdivision. After months, and in some cases years of abnormal amounts of electrical outages, customer complaints made to the Florida Public Sevice Commission apparently got FPL's attention in January. In less than two weeks, FPL's Ft. Myers engineer visited the area and ordered new equipment installed.

Residents of Laurel Oaks and the Port LaBelle Ranchettes were experiencing outages as much as twenty time a month. FPL's resaponse to customer complaints ranged from "that's the way the system is designed" to "there are birds on the lines." Since the equipment replacement the northern Port LaBelle residents have had no outages.

Although two Port LaBelle areas are seemingly back to normal electric service, there may be other areas still with abnormal outage problems. If you are an FPL customer in Hendry or Glades county experiencing abnormal amounts of outages as evidenced by your clocks flashing or computers going down and having to be reset more than once a month please send an email to us. More information on how to get complaints to the Public Sevice Commission are at: FPL service complaints.

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