Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Restaurant Reviews Online

Got a favorite eatery around Hendry/Glades county?

We have two new restaurant review webpages now online and need some of you to add restaurant reviews to the current listings. One review page uses Google maps while the second uses Yahoo! maps of the LaBelle area. Both sites ask you to register to be able to add a review and give a restaurant a rating of one to five stars. The webpage then averages all the reviews to come up with a star rating for each restaurant.

So all you restaurant patrons out there, please feel free to add your favorite or not so favorite eating place in the area and give it a rating. And let us know which website you like the best. Bon Appetite!

Hendry-Glades Eateries - (Area maps by Google)

Hendry Restaurants - (Area maps by Yahoo!)

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