Thursday, March 30, 2006

Classic Rock/Talk Station Now Just Rock

LABELLE, FL. -- Classic rock radio station Fort Myers' WRXK 96.1 FM
management has apparently fired or is disciplining again, morning show host
Joe Scott, the oft troubled talk/comedy host of The Joe Scott Show as well
as all other station talent, or at least until station management gets their
act together. Beginning Monday management took off all talk shows and now
runs continuous classic rock songs and commercials. Going bye-bye with Scott
are side-kicks Nicole Wilcox, Steve "Omelette" Normandin, and "Mr. Windy."
The night host Liz Wilde, and sidekick Mickey "The Irish Prick" and
producer Tellulah were also absent all this week. It has been reported in a
broadcast trade news site that afternoon hosts Stan and Haney will move into
the morning slot. Late night syndicated talk show by Phil Hendrie, out of
Los Angeles has also been deleted from the station line up this week.

Joe Scott, long-time broadcaster and radio "bad boy" has had his troubles
with addiction, and general bad behavior over the years, and in recent
months was often late to work or absent. Station management reportedly
disciplined him and his show crew for insubordination repeatedly in recent
weeks forcing show members off the air for days. The comedy talk show had
recently become increasingly less entertaining as cast members came in late
for work, or didn't show up for work or resorted to inane and juvenile
on-air conversations akin to sitting in listening to talk at a local bar

WRXK management, Beasley Broadcasing needs to make up their minds about
just what kind of station they want to make of one of the area's most
powerful radio outlets. Comedy, talk, music, or something else. Maybe that's
what on its way...a format change.

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  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Look at the format of Detroit's Classic Rock, 94.7 WCSX,

    It will work in Southwest Florida..

    Maven 1941