Monday, March 20, 2006

Juveniles Arrested At School And Store

From The Hendry Sheriff's Office This Week

LABELLE, FL. (March 20, 2006) -- A Hendry County Sheriff's Office School
Resource Officer and a LaBelle High School Administrator discovered a
student skipping school in the parking lot of LaBelle High School.
According to a report by Sheriff Ronnie Lee, the student was hiding in a
white in color vehicle which
also contained some tobacco products which are not allowed on school
property. The owner of the vehicle was summoned and when asked if there
was anything else that should not be on school property responded there
was nothing and gave permission to search the vehicle. The ensuing
search produced a quantity of marijuana. The owner of the vehicle was
arrested for possession of marijuana, while the other student was
arrested for disruption of a school function. Both juveniles were
transported to the Hendry County Jail for processing by Juvenile

In other teenageer arrests, juveniles were observed by a Winn Dixie employee
putting store merchandise in their Book Bags and proceeding outside the
store without paying for them. According to Sheriff Ronnie Lee, a Winn
Dixie employee followed the juveniles into the parking lot and detained
them while the Hendry County Sheriff's Office was being called. The
juveniles were transported to the Hendry County Jail for processing by
Juvenile Authorities.

On March 6, 2006, Henry Godwin reported to the Hendry County Sheriff's
Office that a man armed with a pistol attempted to rob him on Kissimmee
Avenue in Labelle. Mr. Godwin said as he ran from the scene, the suspect
threw a brick, striking him in the back of his head. While Deputies were
attempting to locate the suspect involved in the attempted robbery, they
observed a grey Lincoln Town car, reportedly at the scene of the
attempted robbery, on Suwannee Avenue in Labelle.

Deputies attempted to stop the car, however, the driver ignored the siren
and emergency lights and refused to stop until he was forced to stop on
Withlacoochee Avenue. The driver of the car, Mark Diez Brown age 31, was
searched as well at the car he was driving, and Deputies located crack
cocaine, hashish, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Johnnie Johnson age 29,
identified by
the victim as the suspect in the attempted armed robbery, was located on
Kissimmee Avenue and taken into custody by Deputies. Sheriff Ronnie Lee
said Mark Diez Brown was charged with possession of cocaine, possession
of marijuana and possession of narcotic paraphernalia. Johnnie Johnson
was charged with aggravated battery, criminal mischief and robbery with
a firearm.

Auxiliary Deputy Course Starting

Sheriff Ronnie Lee reports that April 18, at 6:00 pm will be the
beginning date and time for the Hendry County Sheriff's Office Auxiliary
Deputy Course. The Course will run for 6 weeks with sessions on Tuesdays
and Thursdays from 6pm-10 pm and 8am-4 pm on Saturdays. Each session will
be at the HCSO Training Facility located at the Hendry County Gun Range
near Pioneer Plantation. Sheriff Lee stated that the Hendry County
Sheriff's Office is picking up the cost for HCSO applicants and that
there is still time for interested persons to enroll. Auxiliary Law
Enforcement Officers play an important roll for Law Enforcement Agencies
in many locations throughout Florida and the Nation. Many Law
Enforcement Professionals started their careers as Auxiliary Officers.

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