Friday, September 15, 2006

Home Sales This Week

New Construction Showing More Sales

LABELLE, FLORIDA -- From September 5 to September 12, there were ten homes sold in the LaBelle area for an average price of $192,800.  It appears that newly constructed homes in Port LaBelle are finally starting to show some sales after weeks of inactivity. A number of contractors rushed last year to obtain building permits before new county impact fees took effect, artificially increasing the supply of new home construction in Port LaBelle. The county's plan for collecting additional building fees may have backfired, as builders are seemingly slowing down new construction projects in the area.

1) $300,000 on Barbara Street
2) $232,000 on Buttercup Circle (new construction)
3) $105,000 on Clipper Circle (County Village)
4) $180,000 on Detroit Drive (new construction)
5) $41,000 on Fort Thompson Avenue
6) $236,000 on Maywood Circle (new construction)
7) $345,000 on Oklahoma Avenue
8) $135,000 on Showboat Plaza (Country Village)
9) $175,000 on State Road 80
10) $179,000 on East Sunflower Circle (Unit 4)

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