Saturday, September 30, 2006

Trash Costs On Glades Residents Minds

No Contract Means Company Charges What They Want

MOORE HAVEN, FLORIDA -- At this week's Glades County Commission meeting, garbage was on the minds of county residents complaining about rising fees. County Manager Taylor stated he had received a number of calls about the garbage hauling rate increase and had told callers that the county cannot control the company's prices, that Waste Management gave bad information on their statements, and the County has no contract with them at this time.  He said he informed the callers that for about two bucks a week they could haul their own garbage to Ortona, or residents in Lakeport and Buckhead Ridge could take it to Okeechobee, or they could get a large dumpster for a cheaper rate, or could contact another hauler.

At the meetin, Mrs. Opal Corey stated she had moved to Lakeport from Bradenton and was questioning why the garbage hauling rate was so high as she understood the cost was only $111.56 a year in Okeechobee County and they furnished cans, and wanted to know why she can�t get the same price. Commission Chairman Jones explained that Okeechobee County has 30,000 people and Glades has only have 11,000, and they got their price with the landfill contract, and Commissioner Beck agreed that Waste Management agreed to that price to be able to put a regional landfill there. 

Mrs. Curry asked why can�t Glades County get a contract and bill it on the property taxes.  Beck responded that will come under a mandatory garbage ordinance.  Mrs. Corey stated she will try to get a big dumpster with the Lake Haven neighbors as it is 1/3 the price. Waste Management�s franchise agreement with Glades County expired while the County was negotiating for operation of the landfill and the negotiations reached an impasse and the issue was not addressed.

Taylor had informed the Board on July 24th that Waste Managemen has not increased their rates in 12 years and would be changing their rates.  The current price for Ortona residents is $324 per year paid in quarterly increments and represents a 75% increase.  Ellen Geake of Indian Hills stated that BFI is now Florida Recycling out of LaBelle and she now pays $49.11 for three months.  She also stated that she and Dr. Geake now own the vacant medical clinic in Moore Haven and planned a celebration on November 11, Saturday at 2 PM in the City Park (also celebrating Dr. Geake�s birthday) and then the next Monday would be open. She also noted they had hired a Physician�s Assistant.

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