Saturday, November 25, 2006

Family History - Fun Hobby For Many

LABELLE, FLORIDA -- Genealogy and searching for one's family history is becoming one of America's fastest growing hobbies for many, especially the "baby boom" generation. Family history search services and web sites have been mushrooming over the past several years as many people that grew up in the 1950s and 60s now are finding they have a great curiosity about their ancestors and long-lost relatives.

In past years, before the internet, searching for ancestors was a very difficult and almost impossible task...searches had to be done at libraries, court houses, and other government facilities to find all the old records, including census files, social security records, old land records, etc.

Now, through the internet and its vast free databases, almost anyone with an interest in family history and a little time can fairly easily locate those ancestors online, along with actual photos of U.S. census records for each ten years from 1860 to 1930.

Don Browne, editor of the Sunday Morning News has recently gotten the genealogy bug, and after several months of working the internet, now has about 14,000 names in his family history files online. His family came from Virginia to Ohio in the early 1800s. Now the family members have scattered to all corners of the United States from Washington D.C. to Alaska, to Florida.
The most common family names of his ancestors are: Adams, Bolin, Browne, Haybron, Jones, Johnson, Robinson, Smith, and Wooley. He has a web page online now where those interested in the easiest way to find their ancestor and relatives can get a quick start. Click this link to learn more about family history searches and how to make free family searches on the internet: How To Find Your Ancestors
Photo: Don Browne's great-great-great grandparents from Athens County, Ohio

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