Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thirty-Five Percent Voter Turnout In Hendry

LABELLE, FLORIDA -- In Hendry county yesterday, 5,508 voters went to polling places from Clewiston to LaBelle. There are 15,670 registered voters in Hendry county.

Hendry voters picked Bill Nelson (D) for the U.S. Senate along with the rest of Florida. but chose the former Republican candidate Mark Foley for the 16th Congressional District, disagreeing with the remainder of the district from Stuart to Charlotte County. who elected Tim Mahoney (D) who resides in the rural community of Venus in Highland County.

Hendry citizens voted Republican for all the remaining candidates, and said "yes" to all the state amendment issues, and approved all District and Supreme Court Judges. Of the total votes cast in this General Election, about 1000 or 20% were made by "early" votes before election day.

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