Wednesday, December 06, 2006

LaBelle Women Find New Way To Holiday Shop

By Amy Ofenbeck

LABELLE, FLORIDA -- As the holidays approach, shoppers are frantically looking for that perfect gift. Two women from Labelle have found a great place to find nearly everything they're looking for. This holiday season,  Rose Maloney and Carole Haas, both from LaBelle,  have limited their families to just buying gifts from Goodwill, and spending no more than $10. Some of the things they've bought include three pairs of Victoria's Secret pajamas for $10, a unique vase for $5.99, slotted serving spoons, and many other great items.

"We know we'll find stuff we like and we can afford it," Rose says. She also explains that she rarely goes to department stores now, because she's had such great luck finding things at Goodwill. Rose is a book lover and says Goodwill stores often have a lot of great books. "It's becoming more acceptable to shop at Goodwill now." Rose and Carole will hit area Goodwill stores at least once a week and come away with some great bargains they know they would never find in regular stores.
Beginning this January, Rose and Carole will begin teaching an art class at the Alliance of the Arts in Ft Myers that involves Goodwill. The class will explain how to turn used furniture into art and the pieces will then be sold at art galleries around the area.
Goodwill is a non-profit employment service for the disabled. They also help with housing with the Hatton B Rogers complex for seniors and housing complexes for the disabled. They also have a Four Wheels For Work program that allows low income families to obtain reliable transportation. High School High Tech is another one of Goodwill's services that lets disabled students explore careers or pursue secondary training in a technical field.

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