Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Local Broker Counters Bad Real Estate News

Real Estate May Be On "Hold" In Coastal Counties, Local Broker Says Different Here

LABELLE, FLORIDA -- With the overwhelming news reports around South Florida of bad times in the real estate market, a local real estate broker wrote to the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel newspaper to counter their "falling real estate market" news articles. The Sun-Sentinel has gained a reputation for "doom and gloom" reports about the east coast real estate market over the last few months.

Paul Roser and wife Nikki have been active in Hendry county real estate for many years and felt it was time to get the other side of the real estate market news to those in the coastal counties. He sent the following letter to the editor of the Sun Sentinel in response to a recent "Bottom Falling Out of South Florida..." article published there:
"I realize that there are few 'Positives' these days but you might want to consider sending a reporter sometime to LaBelle to check us out...  Nikki and I have, personally - small two person agency, recently sold 30 acres at $218,000 per acre ($6,300,000) to an investment company next to projected new Wal-Mart site, a small mobile home park for $550,000, an old historic wood house for $300,000, and others...
Recently opened Burger King and Wendy's, local airport expansion, many new homes being built, new commercial construction all over the place. Several 1,000 - 5,000 residential units developments and waterfront villages, etc. being planned. Our Economic Development Commission and Chamber of Commerce are 'humming'...
The Bonita Bay Company, alone,  has invested MILLIONS in LaBelle and Hendry County all the way to Clewiston - most recently purchased even our famous Flora and Ella's Restaurant...
Many other  investment groups from Naples, Ft Myers, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, etc. are also buying here in droves. Does this sound like the 'sky is falling'? Would be happy to meet with you and give you my insight at your convenience. I think the public would like to hear some POSITIVES and not always the negatives..."
Paul and Nikki believe those coastal investors should take a look at the real estate opportunities in Hendry county. For more information: local Hendry county real estate as published on Southwest Florida Online.

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