Tuesday, June 05, 2007

FPL Glades Power Plant Voted Down

Governor Applauds Turn Down

MOORE HAVEN, FL. - The Florida Public Service Commission voted 4-0 to day to deny Florida Power and Light's proposal for a coal-fired new power plant in Glades county.  The decision means that the Commissioners decided the proposal was not economically feasible for the company's customers.
Governor Charlie Crist said today, "I applaud the Florida Public Service Commission's decision to deny Florida Power & Light Company's petition seeking approval to construct a coal-fired power plant in Glades County.  The Public Service Commission today made the right decision for the environment, the right decision for the Everglades and the right decision for Florida.  I congratulate the commissioners on their unanimous vote and commend them for their leadership on behalf of the people of Florida.  I have been concerned about both the proposed technology and the location of the Glades Power Park.  For those reasons, I believe the Public Service Commission has made the right choice. As we seek to address the challenges presented by global climate change, leadership of the caliber demonstrated today by the Public Service Commission will be essential to our success."

FPL President Armando Olivera recently argued that coal is the way to go and said, "The prices of liquefied natural gas are tied to the world oil market, and we've all felt the pain that causes at the gas pump. There are other concerns, too. FP&L gets its natural gas from the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma reminded all of us about fuel disruptions that can occur when storms roar through the gulf. Clean coal is a reality, built on engineering and environmental leadership, allowing FPL to meet your energy needs while respecting your hard-earned money."

Environmental groups, including a contingent from Glades county, have fought the proposal for months. At recent hearings, three Glades county commissioners argued that the plant was desperately needed to create jobs and economic growth in their rural county.  Those opposed to the plant said the coal fired plant would create pollution in the Everglades at the same time governments are spending million to clean up the environmental damage already done.

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