Monday, February 04, 2008

Buckhead Ridge Addresses Changing

Letter From Glades Commissioner Donna Storter Long

BUCKHEAD RIDGE, FL. -- After house address changes to homes in the Buckhead Ridge subdivision in Glades County, Commissioner Donna Storter Long give advice to residents.

Commissioner Long says, "Some of you have recently received notice from the County that your physical street address has changed, and you were concerned over the costs of changing titles and registrations to reflect the new address.

"I just spoke with Mrs. Keen at the office of Glades County Tax Collector Gail Jones (863.946.6035) and she informed me that you are NOT required to get the address changed on your title to your vehicle(s) or boat(s).  She did suggest that if your title is still being held by a lien holder, you should notify them of your new mailing address so the title can be mailed to you when you pay it off.  (Your payment coupon may even include the form for that.)

"But if you have the title in your possession, you do NOT need to get it reissued with your new address.

"If you want to change the REGISTRATION (not the title) to your vehicle or boat BEFORE it's time to renew it/purchase decal, you can do that for $2.50 at the tax collector's office. Mrs. Jones still has her office open in Buckhead on Wednesday.  

"But if you want to wait to change your address until you get the renewal sticker and registration, you can wait. 

"But please remember, it is necessary to notify the Division of Motor Vehicles of the address change for your driver's license and you can get the form and cost information online by clicking:

"And one of the MOST IMPORTANT offices you need to notify is the Glades County Supervisor of Elections.  Mrs. Whiddon is available at 863.946.6005 for instructions on how you can do that, or you can email her requesting information at 

"She does require your signature on a form, it cannot be a copy, and it must be original.  Or you can go to and fill out the form on-line then print it out and sign it to send by regular mail to Mrs. Whiddon.

"Of course an address change comes with some inconvenience­you need to get the packet of forms from the post office to send to folks that you want to have your new address.

"Also, when you mail back in payments such as credit cards or utility companies, you can mark on the remittance form to change your address, or put a note to that effect in the envelope.

"The change is necessary to eliminate duplication of numbers and street names, but the main purpose is so that when you dial 911 from your home phone, your accurate address will be displayed and available with GPS mapping for emergency services.  You certainly want an ambulance or law enforcement officer to be able to find you quickly in an emergency. 

"The county has been working on this project for several years and Mrs. Terry Helfinstine has done an outstanding job. Her email address is if you have any more questions.

"You can reach any of the aforementioned Glades County offices toll free at 1.877.445.2337

"Please share this information with your BHR email friends and neighbors who may not have email."

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  1. Ticked off in MUSE3:07 AM

    This is not only just Buckhead, but redidents in Muse got this NASTY surprise also..THANKS GLADES COUNTY for the warning..Don't bother calling the number there is never anyone available to speak with you and they DO NOT return your calls..This is such a waste of everyones times and money..Leave things alone will you all..Who's going to pay for new checks and drivers licenses to be changes.What about businesses that will need new stationary..This is just a major hassel..It is all to justify someones job...Let's see how long these addresses last???I've only had about 4 changes in less than 6 years....