Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Everglades City School Storm Damaged

Overnight Storms Wreck Havoc

EVERGLADES CITY, FL. -- The School District of Collier County has closed Everglades City School for the day because of storm damage to the school campus suffered during last night's storms.  Principal Bobby Jones reports wind damage to the roofs of three buildings, water leaks inside those buildings, and some ceiling tiles are down. 

Cancellation of the school day was announced Tuesday morning.  Students who were en route on buses were returned home.  The transportation department called all parents to make sure they would be home to receive their children, and some parents picked their youngsters up from the bus stops.  All students were returned to their parents by 8:10 this morning.  The student population at the school is 135, Pre-Kindergarten thru grade 12.

Principal Jones says that there are a few trees and tree limbs down, some signs were knocked down, and because the school is next to the waterfront, crab traps and buoys were strewn across the campus.  There is also some playground damage.

The district office dispatched a maintenance team and a roofing contractor to the school first thing this morning to survey the damage and make the necessary repairs.

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