Monday, March 24, 2008

Sheriff Lee Meets With Crist

Hendry Sheriff Asks For Assistance

LABELLE, FL. -- On March 19, 2008 Hendry County Sheriff Ronnie Lee had the opportunity to meet with Florida Governor Charlie Crist at the Governors Office in Tallahassee.
During their meeting, Sheriff Lee discussed how law enforcement in Hendry County and other similar sized counties are being effected by budget constraints that county and city governments are presently facing. Sheriff Lee asked the Governor to looks for ways to help law enforcement deal with escalating fuel costs.

He also asked the Governor for possible assistance with state funds to help keep salaries of law enforcement in small counties at a level that will keep officers from leaving for larger counties or agencies with much higher salaries.


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Well I bet Gov. Crist had a hoot meeting Good Ole' Boy Sheriff Lee. With all of Ronnie's vast speaking ability, i'm sure it was a short conversation. Went something like this, " OOOOHHHHH BUDDY AAAAAAAA WE NEED AAAAA SOME MONEY THERE BUDDY. AAAAA WHATS YOUR NAME AGAIN THERE BUDDY

  2. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Why don't YOU write a letter to the Gov. and tell him what the county need since YOU think the sheriff doesn,t have the ability to do so.Why don't YOU make a difference in this county instead of sitting behind your computer and spouting off B.S..Huh

  3. Anonymous3:03 PM

    You are right. Forget the Fuel costs. He has more worries trying to settle all of the lawsuits that are mounting from actions resulting from 1960 and 1970's management beliefs with his employees and ex-employees. Money is dropping out of the coffers like water through a spaghetti sieve.

  4. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I would love to meet with the Governor. First I would apologize for him having to pose for this picture and then having to endure the "rhetoric" and bantering of Sheriff Lee. I am tired of hearing Ronnie Lee complaining about his financial struggles within a small rural agency. Where has the money gone? He has the largest budget ever given to the HCSO and he is short on manpower. So that should leave SEVERAL spots available to cover what appears to be overspending. Just look at the gap in salary between Administration and Mid Level Employees. There are too many high priced employees who are there out of political promise getting paid alot of money and they do not have anything to do but drive around town "putting out fires". I think we should petition the Governor to make Ronnie Lee pay for all of these Lawsuits out of his own pocket and then maybe he would pay attention to what he and his group of "buddies" are doing and how they are treating everyone. Another thing...To blame the woes of this Administration on gas prices is pretty ridiculous when several high ranking officers have Department vehicles that are used for personal use and for driving to and from work out of county. Change starts at the top buddy...

  5. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Amen, well said. Good Points as well and accurate. His re-election attempt is futile. For argument sake, okay the first term was a lesson. But the second term should have been totally different and was not, unfortunately for him. His best bet would be to start preparing that "staff" for a rude awakening in about 8 months to the day.

    He can retire and go back to doing what he did before or even what he may enjoy doing. The sad part is most of that "staff" cannot retire and they are going to be the ones feeling the short end. Alas, they all had better make preparations because one knows that last minute decisions won't work this year.

    Yet they follow him down the path. Amazing.

  6. Anonymous2:22 PM

    This forum is remarkable - like an eigth grade classroom, complete with personal attacks, incomplete information, and otherwise irrelevant remarks.

    Why resort to personal attacks? Why use the same stale rhetoric that EVERY hopeful candidate falls back upon;

    Lawsuits. Always a given, EVERY administration gets them. Face it EVERY administration once in place, does its own thing, hoping the mess can be left for the next administration to clean up and settle.

    'Overbudget'. Its easy to run a public entity on paper and pick apart what everyone else is doing wrong, what youll do better for less money, etc.. Ask yourself, 'What qualifies YOU to manage 7 million dollars?"

    Granted, I would look at the job descriptions of some of the staff, not that there are job descritions available, but if they were - and ask what do these people do to actually contribute to the Sheriff's office mission?

    What is the self described mission of the Sherrifs Office, by the way?

    'Deadwood' Staff. EVERY administration can claim some ownership to this. Just some administrations can claim more of the title.

    Here would be a good test. An agency wide simple reading comprehension and writing literacy test.
    Never mind 12th grade level computational tests - many would not make it past the reading comprehension or writing. This is not a joke, it is a sad truth.

    Or, hiring corrections officers from Lee County, to place as patrol deputies in Hendry County?

    This begs the question, Why were these deputies not offered the same opportunity from their former agency? Substandard performance appraisals limited their 'upward mobility'

    Yet these marginal appointees are on your streets?

    The list can on and on, like every election before, and it is not going to be changed by many of this batch of candidates.

    One or two, yes possibly. The others, not at all - the job is above them. Way above them.

  7. Anonymous8:58 PM

    It reads like a reunion here, lots of casualties of past administrations.

    How many of you realize youll never go any distance from Hendry County.

    Working for that double wide on a rented lot when youre 60 and cant do anything other 'greeter' at the Wal Mart. :)

  8. Anonymous10:20 PM

    The Sheriff was showing the Governor a scrapbook of pictures from the 2006 May Day 'march' that took place about a week after the large 'May Day' parade in Ft Myers.

    Anyone recall? It was an amnesty movement march that the Sheriff totally caved to.

    Among the highlights, an off duty deputy (Herrera) in civilian clothes, driving his marked department vehicle leading the march.

    The Sheriff himself was driving the priest from the catholic church to and from the march.

    I defy anyone who refutes the veracity of these events to contact the Ft Myers television station that sent a crew out to the Winn Dixie to film.

    Get a copy of the aired, and better yet, unaired footage too.

    Someone, anyone, prove me wrong.