Sunday, June 01, 2008

LaBelle Webcast Most Watched In World This Week

Interactive Chat Webcast Top In Viewer Counts This Week

LABELLE, FL. -- Sunday Morning editor Don Browne's interactive chat and webcast was the most watched live webcast at internet broadcasting's this week.  Browne had over 20,000 viewers pass through the LaBelle chat/live broadcast channel this week. 

The broadcast live from LaBelle this week included live coverage of the Space Shuttle Discovery launch, sports, and Browne's normal informal chatting with visitors around the world, and his zany music entertainment show. features hundreds of live internet broadcasts daily. this week announced that Don won a recent contest for new video tutorials on "how to broadcast live video" over the internet. 

Four New How-To Tutorials: - Web Cam Settings Tutorial - Beginng Broadcast Tutorial - Advanced Web Cam Tutorial - Tutorial How To Make An Episode

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