Monday, June 09, 2008

Letter To The Editor


Every four years the citizens of Hendry County are victimized at the hands of those that shouldn't be, but want to be, but don't have the sense God gave them.  Let's analyze something here in response to the letter of a former member of the Hendry County Sheriff's Office.

As to personnel on the street at any given time, might I ask, before Ronnie Lee was elected the first time, how many deputies were on the street, actually patrolling and solving crimes…other than the ones who were stealing guns, victimizing the citizens of Hendry County and who knows what else, and being just plain criminals under the guise of the Badge?

As to Sheriff Lee "living in Lee County"… might I ask that same former member just how many days you spend, along with your criminal cronies, at "Alternative Lifestyle" and "swinger" bars in Lee County before you scurried back to hide in 'ole Hendry County and then portray yourself as a Law Enforcement Officer?  You are right.  Ronnie Lee and his family did live in Lee County.  He worked the 20th Judicial Circuit as an Investigator for many years, about the same time you were doing your drugs in the twilight.  Just in case you didn't know, the 20th Judicial Circuit includes Hendry County.  You guys didn't seem to have a problem with a former Chief Deputy living all of the way on Sanibel now did you?  Why was that?  I guess none of you can answer that truthfully now, can you.  (I believe the statue of limitations has run now, so…)

And might I ask that same former member, "Just what did you do in the Marines?"  And I will answer that for you.  The same as you and your cronies did when the Citizens of Hendry had the misfortune of having you on that Department…nothing.  Your MOS was a paper-pusher and you didn't stay long in the Corps because you couldn't handle it.  You badger Sheriff Lee's tenure in the Corps and I will say it was a lot longer than you, and he retired from it…with Honor.

A true Marine honors the Corps and is proud of their accomplishments in service, including having their uniforms that they wear.  Why don't you ask my wife about her father, who served in the Corps in WW II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, before he retired?  We buried him in the most honorable of grounds, Arlington National Cemetery recently, in you know what?  His dress Blues.  He kept one of everyone of his uniforms after retiring from the Corps after 23 years.  I call that Honor and Pride.  Nothing you and your cronies would have the first clue about.

Not taking anything from the Marines that fight for our Counties freedoms today, but he WAS a Marine.  My Father was a Marine.  Two of my Brother in laws were Marines; one just retired from the Corps, just as his Father did.  Not a pretend one such as yourself and several others of your buddies.

And no, I did not serve in our country's military.  I served my community for 30 years.  I have raised my son, and for that fact, all of my children, to be respectful to all, not victimize people around themselves because of someone's illogical beliefs or stupidities.  I guess I did alright…he has a full ride scholarship into the U.S. Army to become an Officer.  Did you ever do that?  I guess not…You have no honor as you did not serve in the beliefs of the Corps.

You talk about psychological disorders?  Might you enlighten the readers on what type of yoga or outer space science you deal in today?  Please explain why you and the buddies that I refer to, who can't pass psychological testing, or go with larger law enforcement agencies that require you to pass those tests, including polygraphs.  I guess you can't answer that one either?

Whereas I do not know personally any of the other candidates, I do know that many are there because of let's say, influences, who want to control the Sheriff's Office and continue to victimize the Citizenry of Hendry County, you and your cronies included, under the guise of a deputy with the Hendry County Sheriff's Office.  Most have no significant experience.  Most couldn't care less about the rights of a citizen of that county and/or the good people who do exist in the Hendry County Sheriff's Office.

The individual that you back because he has promised you and others jobs, might I ask you this?  How come he has signs out there on SR 80 in front of a residence that the individual stole a large amount of money from a nearby town and then moved to Hendry County?  How much money did that guy give your guy?  And for what, to let his little 'ole wife back in there to do nothing at the taxpayers expense?  What experience does your candidate have?  Not much from my memory.

The ignorant and spiteful bigots you refer to are you and yours.  You were incompetent before, and it apparently has continued.  And to clear the record for all of the readers, I suggested to fire you and your cronies because of the incompetency you and yours exhibited…Sheriff Lee wanted to give you all a chance and you proved those of us right who knew how incompetent you truly were.  You guys are the reason that law enforcement is at an all-time low in the respect category.  You and your cronies are despicable members of that community, and the citizens of that community deserve a whole lot better.  Not want-to-be's who wear a badge, the same badge that you and your cronies tarnished, and will continue to tarnish, at the expense of the good people of Hendry County if the truths are not righted.  The same badge that many have worn, and died for, with honor and pride.

The Hendry County Sheriff's Office, the good people within that office, and those citizens deserve a whole lot more than a pack of degenerates who hide behind a badge who would not know compassion and respect to their fellow human beings if it slapped 'em in the face.

No Allen, I do not have a dog in this fight.  But I do know that the citizenry of Hendry County knows what you and yours are, and by the grace of God, will show you and your cronies that in the upcoming elections.

J.A. "Tony" Vetter, Lieutenant (Retired)
Former Captain – Hendry County Sheriff's Office
A resident of Lee County…


  1. Dear “former” Captain Vetter,

    It would seem that you feel a need to attack me personally as opposed discussing the issues at hand. You refer to “criminal cronies”. I don’t know to whom you may be referring. None of my personal friends or professional acquaintances has been convicted of any felonies or even arrested for any (unlike your own). As far as your assertion that “(deputies were)…stealing guns, victimizing the citizens of Hendry County and who knows what else, and being just plain criminals under the guise of the Badge”, I have to say that this more accurately describes your administration Tony.

    Please recall Wyatt Henderson (former lieutenant of CID during Mr. Lee’s first term) who took guns out of evidence, misused drug funds, lied about his college degree and teaching credentials and who was ultimately found guilty of felony crimes and sentenced to a prison for pistol whipping a teen-ager. Not to mention your own suspension over narcotics found in your office (cocaine) while your were a Captain working for Sheriff Lee. I was never suspended during my years at the sheriff’s office. I also believe you left the Lee County Sheriff’s Office over some shenanigans involving missing weapons that were later found in your possession. But I digress.

    You asked, “… before Ronnie Lee was elected the first time, how many deputies were on the street, actually patrolling and solving crimes”. The answer is more than there were during anytime he was the sheriff. The quality of the people that Ronnie brought into this county was questionable at best. Every single one of you had been dismissed or discredited at some other agency prior to coming to Hendry County. You knew nothing of the criminals in Hendry County, their activities or the geography of the area. Half the time I had to remind you where the county line was. So simply put, the quality of law enforcement in Hendry County dropped dramatically when Sheriff Lee took office.

    As to another of your personal attacks; you ask how much time I spent in “…bars in Lee County before you scurried back to hide in 'ole Hendry County and then portray yourself as a Law Enforcement Officer?” If you had any knowledge of the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures you would recall that deputies are not allowed to frequent bars in Hendry County, therefore deputies must leave Hendry County if they wish to go to a bar. As to the types of bars I went to; it was you and Mr. Lee’s first administration who hired an undercover officer to secretly follow me around Ft. Myers to see if I was doing anything immoral or unethical in Lee County. This investigation was completely off the record and resulted in no disciplinary actions against me or anyone else. Once again, you and Mr. Lee wasted taxpayer money chasing unfounded rumors out of spite. And Tony, I never did any drugs. We had random drug screenings as you may recall and as far as polygraph tests go, you may also recall that Sheriff Lee asked me to take one when he asked me to return to work for the sheriff’s office after I resigned in protest over your incompetence. I passed that test…or so I must assume since the Sheriff reinstated me with full rank and a raise! You may have asked that I be fired Tony, but I wasn’t, and at least I didn’t get a good K-9 deputy shot due to my incompetence. It was deputies who were in Hendry County before you and Ronnie Lee arrived who saved the day that time. If they hadn’t been there the deputy would have probably died instead of simply having a career ending injury.

    As for my military service, you are completely mistaken. I was 0311 MOS, Advanced Combat Infantryman with (2) Sea Service Ribbons and a Good Conduct Medal. Yes, I was only in the Fleet as an active duty Marine for four years. But that’s four years longer than Ronnie. After that time, I left the Marine Corps with an Honorable Discharge. Your last sentence on the subject says it all. “And no, I (Tony Vetter) did not serve in our country's military” ‘nuff said.


    Wm. Allen Davies

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    You sir are the man!