Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Glades To Cite Washington Park Owners

Residents Dumping Litter On 33 Vacant Lots, 24 Homes In Dilapidated Condition

MOORE HAVEN, FL. --  At Monday's Glades County Commission meeting, Community Development Director Hilton discussed the recent code enforcement efforts in Washington Park. Washington Park is a housing development on the north side of the City of Moore Haven, established in 1917 with 133 homes, 2 apartment houses, 5 churches, 1 school and 1 store. 

Code enforcement identified an apartment house and 24 homes in dilapidated condition, abandoned and unoccupied.  33 lots without structures are littered with garbage and overgrown with weeds, some with abandoned vehicles, said Hilton.  
Hilton explained that all non-compliant property owners had received written notice of the code violations and some had responded and are scheduling methods to achieve compliance.  Officials say enforcement effort would be expensive for the county and could create hostility from the owners who may be assessed fines and penalties by County Judge Lundy if their case went to court.

Commissioner Jones said the county had paid for cleanup and debris removal from Washington Park three times since he became commissioner in 1992, including providing a John Deere tractor and bush hog that disappeared after one year.  He said the clean up efforts were not maintained by the citizens of Washington Park, and he did not know the answer to the situation.

The Board discussed the procedures that may be involved with non-compliance, and the cost to the county for cleanup, noting that efforts had been made in other areas, notably Crescent Acres and Commissioner Giesler mentioned the success of the white-goods pickup in Buckhead Ridge.  

Commissioner Giesler urged Mr. Hilton to �just do it� and his sentiment was echoed by Commissioner Storter.  The consensus of the Board was for Mr. Hilton to proceed with code enforcement efforts as prescribed by County ordinance. 

Full report of this effort, including photos and maps, can be found at  http://myglades.com, click on BOCC agenda, then click on the pdf for Agenda item 4.

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