Friday, February 20, 2009

LaBelle Home Sales Expanding At Lower Prices

Sales May Be Increasing In LaBelle?

LABELLE, FL. -- While real estate prices have declined greatly in the last several years in Hendry county, home sales have been expanding especially in smaller homes priced under $100,000. Recent price surveys show the average house is now selling for about half of what was selling a year ago in Southwest Florida.

In the LaBelle area from 1/20/2009 to 2/17/2009, there were 11 homes sold in zip code 33935 for an average price of $44,909. Homes sold were in the Port LaBelle subdivisions, except for two in the city ( Maddox and Davis) and one in the county (Shell Ln.)

The properties sold and prices recorded were at the following street addresses:

1) $59,000 on Abel Ct
2) $44,000 on Bishop Cir
3) Unknown price on Maddox St
4) $49,000 on Schooner Dr
5) $44,000 on Shell Ln
6) $35,000 on Showboat Plz
7) $77,000 on Steamboat Cir
8) $37,000 on Tide Cir
9) $45,000 on S Davis St
10) $65,000 on W Briarwood Cir
11) $39,000 on W Sunflower Cir

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