Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Buckle Seatbelt Or Face $98 Fines

New Seatbelt Law In Effect Now

LABELLE, FL. -- Buckle-up is the message Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden wants everyone to be aware of.  The new law amends the mandated use of seatbelts in motor vehicles, effective June 30, 2009 and allows for the primary enforcement of Florida�s Safety belt requirements. 

Since 1986 law enforcement has been able to ticket unbelted motorists, but only for stopping them for another traffic violation such as speeding, but not anymore, said Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden.

In Hendry County the fine is $98.  The seat belt laws require the adult front seat passenger and driver to be buckled up, as well as all children in the car.  The new law requires the driver to be responsible for his or herself and anyone under 18 years of age; if a passenger is 18 or older, regardless of where they are sitting, is not fastened in they will be the one to get the ticket. 

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