Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Theft Cases Solved In Hendry County

Six Teens Arrested In Montura  AreaThefts

CLEWISTON, FL. -- On Monday, July 27, 2009 Investigators Allen Davies, Investigator Louis Morales, and Deputy Daniel Cruz arrested six individuals on three different thefts in the rural Montura area west of Clewiston.

Investigator Allen Davies arrested 17 year old Luis Angel Fundora, 15 year old Javier Fundora, and 16 year old Christopher Province, on Charges of Burglary of Dwelling and Grand Theft.  Investigator Davies recovered a 32 inch Visio flat screen television that was located at the home of Fundora. 

Investigator Louis Morales, who was investigating a burglary in the same vicinity, charged Luis Angel Fundora with Burglary and Grand Theft over $10,000.  Fundora admitted to Morales during an interview that he helped his friend, Christopher Province; enter the residence where over $10,000 in property was removed.  Luis Fundora was also charged with an outstanding warrant for contempt of court.  Both cases are under further investigation and additional arrests and charges are pending. 

Luis Fundora, Javier Fundora and Christopher Province were all transported and are being held at the Department of Juvenile Justice in Fort Myers.

Three More Teens Caught

On July 27, 2009 the Sheriff�s Office received a call from someone reporting an attempted theft of an ATV.  When Deputies arrived on scene they learned that witnesses who identified one of the suspects as 14 year old Manuel Enrique Ortiz, were working at a friend's house across the street when they noticed a black car riding around the area. 

Later they noticed two guys inside the next door neighbor's yard attempting to steal an ATV.  When one of the witnesses heard the ATV start up they yelled at the suspects who then ran away.  The witnesses then located Manuel Ortiz and the other juvenile 14 year old Marvin Jaimes walking in front of 375 N. Quebrado Road and were able to detain them until deputies arrived on scene. 

Although both Ortiz and Jaimes stated they didn�t know the driver of the vehicle, he was later identified to be 16 year old Irvin Jaimes.

All three suspects were charged with Burglary of an Unoccupied Dwelling and Theft over $300.  Manuel Enrique Ortiz was transported to, and being held, at the Department of Juvenile Justice in Fort Myers.  Both Irvin and Marvin Jaimes were released to their parents.

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  1. Anonymous5:42 AM

    that really shows how people get when their bored and cant find anything better to do,
    those r all my friends, thats wat dropping out of school does, u get so lazy & used to doing nothing that they just want everything easy.
    how dissapointing
    they actually are good kids.