Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How's Your Hendry County Water?

Tests Show Some Surprises For Hendry County Drinking Water

LABELLE, FL. -- Water quality tests made available by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection lists the chemicals and other substances that may be in your drinking water in Hendry county from water plants around the county from Clewiston to LaBelle.

The city of LaBelle has incurred 10 EPA water quality violations over the period surveyed, Port LaBelle Utilities only 1. South Shore Water Association in Clewiston had 3 violations, Whisper Creek RV Park in LaBelle, 3 violations, and Riverbend Motor Coach Resort in western Hendry county, 4 EPA violations. The city of Clewiston has a fairly clean record compared to nationwide averages, and only had one bacteria monitoring failure in 2006 according to the report.

Drinking water quality reports now available online show results of 5 years of tests conducted by the area's water utilities as provided to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The drinking water statistics are part of EWG's national database that includes 47,667 drinking water utilities and 20 million test results. Water utilities nationwide detected more than 300 pollutants between 2004 and 2009. More than half of these chemicals are unregulated, but legal in any amount. Despite this widespread contamination, the EWG says the federal government invests few resources to protect rivers, reservoirs, and groundwater from pollution in the first place.

The information found online for Hendry county summarizes test results for each utility company and lists potential health concerns. At the website click on your water utility company's name to get five years of water pollutant details and any EPA violations incurred during the period studied.



  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Wow what a surprise City of LaBelle leads in water problems.

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    What caused all the dirty water and corroded pipes in Clewiston in 2007 and 2008?

  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Guess who was the operator at City of LaBelle, Whisper Creek and Riverbend Motorcoach during that time frame?

  4. miffed.more1:27 PM

    Until we, as a community, make water a major issue at election (Mayor) time, we will have this problem.

    What folks sometimes fail to realize is that these water plants belong to the tax paying citizens- we who live within the city limits and are forced to pay for this mess even if we do not want or use it.

    We have to make this a serious issue. Perhaps we should start gathering bills from ruined clothing, water heaters, dish and laundry washers, faucets, and don't forget the bottled water and or water filtration systems we must use in order to have clean drinking water. Then we should take them right up to City Hall and drop them on the desk of our elected official for payment.

    I wouldn't have a problem showing the Mayor how much it is costing me, and would love to see someone get something like this organized.

    We need to demand the potable water we pay for instead of just talking about it.

  5. Anonymous8:49 PM

    I live in clewiston out in Harlem. I have been complaining for over five years to the city and city hall about the rusty water and everything that is going on in my house. At this point I'm thinking of getting lawyer. So done talking . And hearing about whit that's not coming to light