Monday, October 11, 2010

Streaker Attempts $1 Million Prize At Obama Rally

Want To Prank The President For $1 Million?

Juan James Rodriguez, age 24, was arrested while appearing naked at an Obama fund-raising rally in Philadelphia Sunday, attempting to win a million dollar prize offered by eccentric billionaire Alki David.

David, son of a Turkish Coca-Cola bottling company owner, is offering the prize for any prankster who appears naked within eyesight and earshot of the U.S. President, with written on his chest while chanting the name of the website six times and being videotaped.

Glen Zolar and Joey "Boots" Bassolino, are co-conspirators in the prank, hoping to share in the reward, if paid. Zolar is a continuing character on David's prank website. Zolar said in a webcast Sunday evening that he facilitated the streaking prank, while Bassolino was the video photographer. In a later webcast Zolar claims Rodriquez started running towards the President and came within 20 feet of the Commander-In-Chief of the U.S.

Bassolino was said to be at an internet hotspot Sunday uploading the video to David. Zolar said his hotmail email account had been "shut down by the Feds Sunday evening." Streaker Rodriquez, known online as "KingVamp," is Puerto Rican and Triniadian, according to a webcast he made October 3rd, explaining what he was going to do.

Rodriquez said in the 5 minute audio webcast a week before the prank, he was paying $25,000 to his co-conspirators, and claimed he would be investing the $1 million dollar prize after paying at most 38% in income tax, and going to Las Vegas to gamble.

He said he trusted David would not back out of the deal in paying the $1 million. Rodiquez said he didn't want to show his face on the webcast before the prank, but his picture would be in the news soon. He'll be "laughing to the bank" after the streaking he said.

Rodiquez said he was planning to follow Obama and "find out where he's going to be at next and just keep doing it until it happens."

David, allegedly the 40th wealthiest person in England, has warned prospective pranksters to do the stunt where "it is legal." David has paid out thousands of dollars to followers of his website for such pranks as tatooing the website name on their bodies and other stunts, often pranks that are not always exactly legal.

David reportedly told the Weekly Standard, a conservative newspaper and blog, he plans to pay up "when I see the video and it's confirmed." Followers of his lightly viewed youth oriented website, infamous for bullying talk, some gay bashing, and rapid fire obscenities by webcasters, have complained in the past that David sometimes changes the rules of the contests mid-stream, discontinues the contests abrubtly, or finds a technical reason not to pay all pranksters.

David is the defendant in a law suit filed earlier this month by CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, and Disney for alleged copyright violations for internet broadcasting of shows owned by the plaintiffs without their permission. The U.S. District Court for Southern New York is being asked for an injunction and damages against David's company, Inc.

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