Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are You Making Use Of Social Media Capabilities?

Watch live video from Don Browne - Florida on

How To Get Tens of Thousands Of Views In One Hour!

If you are not yet using social media to keep in contact with your friends, customers, and business prospects you are certainly missing out on the latest way to disburse news about you and your activities to a wide audience quickly.

Don Browne, publisher of the Sunday Morning News and Southwest Florida Online is one of the area's leading experts in the use of internet social media to reach a large audience quickly.

Don say's "I've found one of the best ways to reach a large audience very quickly is the use of streaming video."

"Using a simple webcam and a website to stream live video and later archive it permanently has allowed me to reach an audience of more than 3,000,000 total views seeing my video webcasts," he says.

Using simple techniques, many thousands of viewers can see a live broadcast coming from a streaming webcam. The video above showed 65,000 views in less than an hour when it was broadcast live by Don on November 13, 2010.

For one example of how a live videocast works, and how many viewers can be captured in a live video webcam broadcast, watch the video at the top of the story or click the link below to go to the video's archived page: - Video (11/13/10) 65,000 views in one hour when originally broadcast!

Businesses may be interested in showing their store or special sales events. Real estate offices can show "open house" events as well as promote their listings. Car dealers can broadcast their latest special sale vehicles.

Don is available to help you utilize the internet's capabilities for you and your business, running advertisements for you on his broadcasts or setting up your own recorded or live streaming video that will be seen by tens of thousands each broadcast hour. email: Don Browne for information and rates.

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