Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hendry/Glades Election Results - 2010

Al Perry And Darrell Harris Win Hendry Races, Donna Storter Long In Glades County

LABELLE, FL. -- The Tuesday November 2nd, 2010 election results in Hendry County resulted in Al Perry (R) with 1,055 votes and Dwight Clinton Hatfield (D) with 672 votes for County Commission District 4. (3 Precincts voting)

District 2 County Commission votes results ended with Darrell R. Harris (R), the incumbent with 1,062 votes and Andy Herrero (D) with 359 votes. (5 Precincts voting)

Port LaBelle Community Development District Seat 1: Nancy V. Imhoff, 68 votes and Patti Ashley, 60 votes.

Port LaBelle Community Development District Seat 3 Suzanne Gee, 41 votes and Jeff E. McGirt, 82 votes.

Port LaBelle Community Development District Seat 5 Shannon L. Craft, 81 votes and Margaret Pass, 41 votes.

In the Glades county Port LaBelle CDD races: Ashley had 53 votes, Imhoff 101 votes. Gee, 71 votes and McGirt 85 votes. Craft had 82 votes, Pass 75 votes.

In Glades county, Donna Storter Long (R) retained her County Commission seat with 1,920 votes over Deborah K. Simmons' (D) 839 votes.

Hendry School Board Levy of .25 mills: Yes- 2,413 votes, No- 3,392 votes.

The Hendry county voter turnout was 6,655 (41%) of the total 16,156 registered Hendry voters.
In Glades county, the turnout was 2,814 voters (42%) of the total 6,339 registered voters.

(Note: previous posting Tuesday at 8 p.m. did not include a Hendry county absentee and 1 precinct ballot recount. Above totals are now correct. )


  1. Anonymous1:23 AM

    The Hendry county voter turnout was 4,047 (25%) of the total 16,156 registered Hendry voters

    What a Joke Americans are!
    I wonder what the % of voter turnout would have been if unemployment would be at 25%

  2. Anonymous6:20 AM

    The unemployment rate is close to that at 18%.

  3. The voter turnout has been corrected to 41% after a recount of the absentee votes and one precinct.


  4. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Where's the other % of voters-?

  5. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Here is a idea- If your a registered voter and don't vote you pay $1000 for the national debt. Now that would get people off their rear ends of being stuck playing farmville or watching dancing with the idiots.

    They would vote for sure

  6. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I believe people are not voting because they do not understand the words that are used in the terms to what they are voting for, Not to mention the fact of all the bad mouth TV campaigns. Who's tell the truth...
    I guess we pick the least of the crooks....

  7. Anonymous4:41 PM

    If your candidate likes obama, He and you are a crook, a communist, or an idiot. Thus vote for the anti-obama candidate...very simple!
    As for the ammendments, It must be a leftist that writes those things still. Nobody can ever figure out what the heck box to check even if you know what the issue is. The questions are written backards to confuse everyone. Those things are certifiable trick questions. ask anyone that designs standardized tests and they will tell you that no one would design a trick question like that into a standardized test...EVER! That is planned and a travesty of justice.