Friday, December 17, 2010

Gene McAvoy Co-Authors New Study

Hendry Extension Agent - Ethnic Foods Coming Opportunity For Farmers?

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry county agricultural extension agent/director Gene McAvoy was part of a group who recently studied possibilities for farmers to profitably grow ethnic foods.

McAvoy and nine other vegetable farming experts examined the potential for expansion of production of ethnic crops on the U.S. East Coast by commercial farmers from a market-first and economic perspective based on consumer demand.

A survey of consumers from four ethnic groups showed that the ethnic crops in greatest demand are as follows: Chinese­Baby Pak Choy, Oriental Eggplant, and Smooth Luffa; Asian Indians­Bottle Gourd, Indian Eggplant, and Bitter Melon; Mexicans­Chili Jalapeno and Tomatillo; Hispanic­Aji Dulce, Batata, and Pepinillo/Bitter gourd.

Results of the study have important implications to assist local growers in deciding to produce ethnic crops, said the new study.

See the article from the December issue of Journal of Extension:

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