Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Susan Sibbald English In Broward Prison

Former Hendry Jail Administrator Now Serving 4 Years Sentence In Broward County

LABELLE, FL. -- After receiving a 4-year prison sentence followed by 20 years probation earlier this month, former Hendry Sheriff's Captain Susan Russe Sibbald English is now at the Broward Correction Institution in Fort Lauderale. English served under former Hendry Sheriff Ronnie Lee.

English was found guilty December 9th by Judge Christie Greider of a 1st degree felony grand theft over $100,000 and falsifying a public document by a public servant. Greider admonished English during sentencing saying English violated her position of trust and authority as a officer of the law and Hendry jail administrator.

English cashed checks from the Hendry County Jail canteen account, taking over $120,000 between March 2006 and October 2008. She had earlier told investigators she took the money because her husband lost his job and to help take care of two grandchildren. She said all the money was already spent.

She was sentenced to 48 months in state prison, and restitution to the Hendry Sheriff's office of the money she stole plus $395 in court costs. 20 years of probation is to follow the prison term, and she is to pay $500 a month to the Hendry Sheriff's office for 20 years. If she pays restitution sooner, her probation may end earlier.

(photo: Florida Department of Corrections)

Florida Department of Corrections Record for Susan English: http://www.dc.state.fl.us/ActiveInmates/detail.asp?Bookmark=1&From=list&SessionID=14600778

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