Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Truck Hits Cow On Highway

SEBRING, FL. -- An early morning encounter with a cow on the highway left a truck driver with minor injuries Wednesday morning.

The Florida Highway Patrol says Denroy Nelson, 50 of West Palm Beach, Fl. was traveling west on SR 70 near Highland County Road 721-S approaching a cow in the roadway. Nelson, driving a semi was unable to see the cow due to a lack of roadway lighting and the cow being black in color. 

The front of the vehicle collided with the cow. After impact the cow came to final rest on the north shoulder of SR 70, partially under the guard rail.
The truck traveled onto the north shoulder and collided with the guard rail, coming to final rest jackknifed in a ditch on the north side of SR 70, reported FHP Trooper John N. Paikai.

Nelson had minor injuries and was taken to Florida Hospital of Lake Placid.

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  1. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Must have been scary and I am sure insurance readily believed that he hit a cow. :) Sure glad the driver is ok. Sorry also for the animal and the loss for the owner. It indeed was a terrible accident this morning.