Monday, May 05, 2014

Toilet Paper Maker Makes Over Firehouse Bathroom

OKEECHOBEE, FL. -- Charmin, the well known toilet paper brand, is taking a moment to help firefighters by making their firehouses a little bit homier, giving the Okeechobee County firehouse a revamped bathroom. 

Okeechobee Fire Department is one of five firehouses across the nation that received a mini bathroom makeover. 

After recently donating a year’s supply of toilet paper to Okeechobee Fire Department, Charmin worked with local contractors to take the firehouses’ restrooms from homely to homey. In addition to updating the bathroom features, Charmin incorporated elements inspired by firefighters’ own homes.

The five firehouses were selected from a list of 50 fire stations that received a one-year donation of toilet paper, as part of the Charmin Relief Project. Charmin picked the stations by asking their consumers to share stories through Facebook and Twitter of their local firehouse’s bathrooms.

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